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    • New version should be released soon.  I am planning on updating this guide then and making some improvements.  Please DM on discord if you have suggestions (Credit will be given). 
    • This is something i would be interested in and i assume you guys would as well. Imo ID has a lot of potential for becoming standalone. If anyone has any plans please ping me on discord for further discussions.
    • We'll see if this is still the case on 4.1.0, since the lumbering rate is nerfed once more to keep him more in line with other builders in terms of lumber income.
    • As you know morph got nerfed in 4.0.1E i believe, workers speed got reduced by 50% or smth but this will never ever be enough. Nerf towers by 10dmg and attack speed by 10-25%, They're attacking super fast on low lvls and enhance towers are dealing 40dmg like what? I feel like theyre way to overpowered, ive lost count on how many times ive just won the game cos of morph being broken in pub games where you just DB and spam +25 on main n upgrade a tower after like 10hits on a tree ontop of the lumber base if you got one, you get full 50towers supers within 10minutes if you fully lumber or smth which is beyond stupid imo.  
    • When titan gets kill I did not get map vision as minion. Things were only revealed if titan pearled. P.S. might have same issue if minion gets kill (Titan won't get vision) View full bug report