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    • Not completely out of question, though I would imagine it is more complex balance-wise than just a lumber cost.
    • It could have an use in a game where it's hard to kill anyone as they play too safe. One could argue that Titan deserves to lose in that case. Spawn cost high enough to not be able to spawn one right at the start of the game, maybe 5mins in (800-1k) with scaling cost where next would be 1.5x more expensive etc.   Just an interesting option to consider. Pubs are pretty much like Titan either loses super hard or wins super hard, it could help the former.
    • Looks very interesting, did you already trigger the unit selection circles? I've looked into it but those always seemed to be the biggest problems just starting off
    • Just edited/updated this topic to include new item balancing changes.
    • Abysmal Water Invulnerability duration reduced from 4.00 to 2.00. Cost reduced from 500 to 300.   Energy Rod Only damages non-builder units, dealing 150 damage. Cooldown reduced from 120.00 to 40.00. Cost increased from 100 to 250.   Ethereal Mirror -          -   Fiery Claws Burn won’t wear off if the structure falls below 20% hit points (can be repaired above to prevent). Cost reduced from 190 to 175.   Gem of Haste -          -   Helmet of Command -          -   Magic Coral Mana regeneration changed from 50% to 4.00 per second. (This change means that the regeneration bonus does not scale with levels anymore.) Moon Crystal -          -   Pearl of Sight -          -   Reef Shield Grants no protection anymore. Regenerative Spines Hit point regeneration reduce from 3 to 2 per second. Now provides 2/s mana regeneration too. Cost reduced from 80 to 75.   Scepter of Apparition The missile does not explode upon impact – outdated description.   Scouter’s Necklace -          -   Shadow Shard -          -   Surge Trident Attack damage increased from 10 to 15.   Tide’s Heart -          -   Voodoo Idol -          -   Webbed Feet Cost reduced from 80 to 75.   TIER 2 Axe of Manhunt Damage bonus increased from 25 to 30.     Casque of Valor Hit point bonus reduced from 300 to 250. Armor bonus reduced from 4 to 3. Active cooldown increased from 30.00 to 60.00   Charger’s Bane Cost reduced to 300 gold (from webbed feet reduction).   Enchantress’ Fluid Now provides +250 max mana. Now provides +4/s mana regeneration. Active effects changed: duration changed from 4.00 to 3.00, replenishes 800 300 mana over duration. Cost reduced from 750 to 500 (abysmal water cost reduction, and recipe cost reduction).   Eternal Wards -          -   Farseer’s Staff Missile does not explode upon impact – outdated description. Now provides +2/s mana regeneration.   Gauntlets of Embers Same change as for Fiery Claws. Emberheart passive changed into active: the next attack releases an array of sparks (otherwise same effect). Generated 1 charge every 10.00 seconds, max 2 charges. Cost reduced from 400 to 385 (Fiery Claws change).   Heart of the Sea Mana regeneration changed from 75% to 9/s. Now requires Regenerative Spines, instead of Potion of Recovery. Cost reduced from 660 to 475.   Helmet of Dominator Attack damage increased from 35 to 40 (Surge Trident change). Cost reduced from 525 to 450.     Idol of Dark Arts Pendant of Dark Arts. Attack damage changed from 15 to 45. Attack damage bonus from stacks reduced from 20 to 10 per stack.   Kissing Chimaeras Active cooldown increased from 60 to 120. Summon duration increased from 70 to 80.   Mirror of the Underworld Mana regeneration changed from 75% to 6/s. (nerfed).   Pearl of Grand Vision -          -   Reef Armor Armor reduced from 8 to 6. Protection removed. Now grants 2% passive damage reduction. Cost reduced from 625 to 450.   Rod of Destruction Same changed as on Energy Rod. Deals half damage against builders.   Shadow Mask Active Moonlight (fake night) ability now also grants 10.00 second invisibility. Possible mirror image is also turned invisible.   Stench Lance -          -   Stormrider’s Cloak Invisibility duration increased from 10 to 20.00. Cost reduced from 280 to 275 (webbed feet change).   Summoner’s Wristguard Healing empowerment ratio increased from 5% of maximum mana to 10% of maximum mana.   Super Regenerative Spines Now also grants the 5/s mana regeneration. Passive also affects mana regeneration.   Thief’s Edge Attack damage increased from 20 to 25. (Surge Trident Change) Active cooldown reduced from 60 to 20. Passive “Thievery” now also grants 1 gold upon harvester kills. Cost reduced from 485 to 300.   Tidal Guardian’s Grace Cost reduced from 475 to 300.   Titanic Trident Attack damage increased from 25 to 35. (Surge Trident change.) Attacks on structures deal 30 pure damage (instead of magic damage). Cost reduced from 375 to 300.   Watcher’s Necklace. New passive: casting your scouting ability now heals you for 8% of your maximum hit points. Cost reduced from 335 to 255.   TIER 3 Armor of Tides Armor reduced from 15 to 11. Hit points reduced from 600 to 400. Protection changed into 2% damage reduction. Now grants 5/s mana regeneration too (Super reg spines change). Cost reduced from 1275 to 1100.   Axe of Slaughter Cost reduced from 960 to 925.   Banner of War Hit point bonus reduced from 500 to 300. Active “Call of Valor” armor bonus reduced from 5 to 3. Cooldown increased from 30 to 45. Active “Commander of War” no longer grants units bonus armor. Attack speed increment increased from 15% to 25%. Cost reduced from 1225 to 1000.   Blood Decree Attack damage increased from 30 to 40. Shadow Walk duration reduced from 40 to 20 seconds. Cooldown reduced from 140 to 120.   Boots of Swiftness Shadow Walk duration increased from 15 seconds to 50 seconds. Cooldown increased from 35 to 120.   Crest of the Immortal Passive “Draw Magic” mana restoring amount increased from 8 to 25. Passive “Insight” healing empowering ratio increased from 8% to 15%. Cost reduced from 1290 to 990.   Crown of Depths Damage is not doubled against harvesters. Passive “Insight” heal empowering ratio increased from 5% to 10%   Cryptomancer’s urn Provides 70 attack damage. Attack damage from stacks reduced from 30 to 10 per stack. The wards grant 18% life steal to nearby units – damage provided by wards reduced from 30 to 10. Generates a charge every 40 seconds. Cost increased from 540 to 600.   Dawnkeeper Now requires 1 Reef Shield. Armor increased from 5 to 7. Active “Call of Valor” bonus armor increased from 6 to 9. Cooldown increased to 45.       Embermask Same changes as of Gauntlets of Embers. Cost reduced from 1125 to 750.   Emblem of Eternal Life Now requires 2 Potions of Recovery. Mana regeneration changed from 75% to 10/s. Hit point regeneration increased from 8/s to 10/s. Emblem of Life rejuvenation duration reduced from 8 to 4. Cost reduced from 945 to 850.   Enchanted Druid Leaf -          -   Essence of Pure Magic No longer requires Magic Coral nor Tide’s Heart. The holder can now attack during invulnerability. Mana points bonus reduced from 800 to 500. Hit points bonus reduced from 800 to 500. Cost reduced from 2030 to 1100.   Eye of the Serpents Medusa Eye               (Reworked) + 250 mana points Active – Stasis – [ 0.00 ] – Unit Target After 0.40 seconds channeling time, turns the targeted enemy structure or unit into a stasis for 20.00 seconds. For the duration the unit cannot follow any orders. The stasis state is broken if the unit takes damage from any source. Contains 3 charges that refill when visiting the Gold Mound. Active – Unreal Mirroring – [ 60.00 ] – Unit Target Turns the target unit or structure ethereal for 10.00 seconds. If the target is a structure it loses its physical properties and can be walked through. While ethereal, the target cannot be attacked, but spells' effects are amplified. You can only target units within the range of 800. Passive – Mythic Reduces all magic damage taken by 20%. Gain magic immunity while in ethereal state. Requires: 1 × Mirror of the Underworld 2 × Reef Shield 1 × Medusa Eye Recipe   Foreteller’s Sickle Passive “Draw Magic” mana restoring amount increased from 10 to 120. Passive “Magical Overload Mana Burn” consumption and damage ratio increased from 2% to 3%.   Gaze of Rage No mana regeneration from this item despite the changed on SRAS. Does not indeed cost 305 gold, but 805.   Grim Spear Attack damage increased from 70 to 100. Charge generation time reduced from 60.00 seconds to 40.00. Passive “Dark Touch” also works against structures. Healing amount reduced from 150 to 75.   Molten Blade Same changes as on Gauntlets of Embers. Cost reduced from 1010 to 830.   Mystic Staff of Gods -          -   Poseidon’s Trident Active “Unleashed Rage” now also grants 25% attack speed. Active duration increased from 4 seconds to 6. Passive “Titan” deals pure damage, not magic damage. Damage on hit increased from 40 to 50.   Reaper Lance Passive “Acid Poison” no longer deals damage. Reduces armor by 2 per hit, stacks up to 5 times, also works against units. Passive “Titan” deals pure damage, not magic damage. Damage on hit reduced from 35 to 30. (TiTri change)   Ring of Evil Removed. Robe of Lies Passive “Enchanted Armor” scouting ability heal moved into “Heart Courager” passive. Now heals for 15% of maximum hit points. Passive “Enchanted Armor” armor bonus now triggers upon every ability cast. Passive “Enchanted Armor” 20% heal changed: Upon falling below 10% of maximum hit points you are instantly gain 1500 hit points and 750 mana points. Now resets upon visiting the Gold Mound. Gold Cost reduced from 1960 to 1210.   Siren Scepter -          -