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    • Attached replay.  32:48 first death 1:19:10 second death ID tau game.w3g View full bug report
    • My opinion on some things; >Morphling's trasnforamtion behaviour rework This was the case long ago, I am pretty neutral about how it currently works especially now that Morphology research works, plus when golding you don't want to sit in warrior but builder form as you can panic->shift if you really need to (realistically you shouldn't even get hit when golding...) >Increase Pulse tower DPS or reduce its cost. In 4.0.1 they were OP now they're UP there should be a middle ground I agree. Don't touch the pricing but dps instead. Price is actually cheaper than others granted you actively harvest with main; morph harvests way faster than anything in the game. >Supporting morphling isn't as good as magnataur or demonologist & so tauren isn't as good as mag/demo as support with this logic. Morph with solar can solo main as long as main doesn't have 400 damage/swing attack. Slow is good & walls are better than non-gold demo (but can't be summoned) >The level of titan hunters I agree there could be something like lumber->xp thingy for titan hunters only (repeatable research from rc?)   For the rest of the builder-related things I don't really care except gobbo trap duration doesn't have to be touched, it's your own fault if more than one hero gets caught in it. Realistically it lasts for a split second if you "l2p".   For the mini "problem" there really isn't a problem, it's l2p. If there happens to be minis you can just kill them and if he sticks with main then you can gold. If there are too many doesnt that mean you lose? Someone has to win someone has to lose...   As for other titan things:   >Remove the ability to attack with fountains/trees. Wouldn't really change anything as people would keep hunters in the lumber camps instead. Besides full denies in pro lobby are becoming less common thanks to many ways to counter them mainly chimera & wristguard(or whatever spawns shallow spawns). Full deny vs any summon item is just feed & also pays the item back for titan. Would also kill any possibility to solo earlybase if fruits couldnt attack. >Increase gold bounty for improved walls to 15 gold Upgrading the walls in the first place is quite an investment in the early game, main problem is that most builders get the bonus arc hp for "free" which makes stone walls for example a bit op early. But anyway, if you force people to spam upgrades their lumber gain is also stalled & possibilities to base or do other game-ending acts are delayed. >Sometimes it turns out that the game is very delayed (50min+) Or just votekick the staller titans  
    • Morphling is super fun to play but the inability to choose to go warrior form after you get beast form means it feels bad to go for that upgrade when golding is still a possibility. Adding the choice from builder form to go warrior would be good. Not being able to go from warrior to beast form is still a good call, but warrior form is a good middle ground between the two, with a significantly lower CD on the form change.
    • Moved bugs to bug tracker. Thanks
    • - Tauren can not cast bloodlust while ancetral rage is active; - Tauren's Forefathers ’demise ability icon is missing while ancetral rage is active (but passive works); - Morphling's slam ability works without battle train upgrade; - Morpling's fortified defenses can be upgrade even without ARC; View full bug report